Custom Chemicals & Coatings

Custom Chemicals & Coatings

We can custom formulate products to your specific needs in our multi-function manufacturing facility in Dandenong South, Victoria.

Lubricants, Oils & Soaps - Industrial

Lubricants, Oils & Soaps - Industrial

We carry a wide variety of lubricants through our agency with Condat Lubricants

Metal Treatment

Metal Treatment

Supplying metal treatment chemicals to the powdercoating and anodising industries globally.

Welcome To Australian Chemicals & Coatings

Founded in 1987, Australian Chemicals & Coatings Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned & operated company.

Historically supplying metal treatment chemicals to the powdercoating and anodising industries, globally. With a wealth of knowledge within the company, we are able to custom formulate to specific needs. Over time this has allowed us to grow, keep up with modern advancements and continue “bring the best products to the surface

Our multi-function manufacturing facility in Dandenong South, Victoria currently produces a range of PVC plastisols, automotive refinishing chemicals, lubricants, cleaners, etching/passivating chemicals, strippers, as well as our renowned powdercoating and anodising ranges.

The trading component of our business consists of PVC paste resin from the TPC Paste Resin Co (Thailand), specialised industrial lubricants from Condat Lubricants (France), Latexes and other commodity chemicals that relate to our industries.

Alongside our own products we offer contract manufacturing services to companies for most blending processes. Currently we contract manufacture agricultural products, adhesives, sound deadening, environmentally friendly bathroom cleaners and specialty dangerous goods.


Industry News


GMS 6777 - NEW!!!

GMS 6777 is a crosslinking siloxane based water repellent and can be used on most surfaces. GMS 6777 leaves a nano coating on the surface which allows build up and residues to be much more easily cleaned off with water and/or mild detergent. It also gives an appealing beading look to the surface when water comes in contact with it.


EASY PHOS A402 is ideal for DYI auto restorations, it will protect your car between stripping and priming stage and when life gets in the way of your project. Coat one panel or coat the whole car, coat inside doors, under bonnets and in places that you just can't get your paint and primer. Brush it, spray it, slosh it or dip it EASY PHOS A402 leaves such a fine clear coating that even run marks dry invisible.


Technical Data sheet attached for full details and other applications. EASY PHOS A402 is available in 200L, 20L, 5L and aerosol packs.


Guess which half of this panel hasnt been treated with EASY PHOS A402!!!


Make work health and safety your New Year’s resolution

Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer Michelle Baxter has encouraged all Australians to make work health and safety their 2015 New Year’s resolution.


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