Australian Chemicals & Coatings




PASIVAR BLACK is designed to produce a black, corrosion resistant chromate on galvanic zinc deposits. The process is an easy to use one stage process which can be used in rack and barrel applications.

Pasivar Black


PASIVAR Yellow is a liquid passivator additive designed to impart a yellow colour on trivalent passivates. PASIVAR YELLOW is used in the passivating solution to create the yellow passivate film without reducing the corrosion protection.

Pasivar Yellow


PASIVAR GOLD is a concentrated liquid passivator based on hexavalent chrome. PASIVAR GOLD is designed to passivate electroplated zinc by producing an iridescent bronze chromate conversion coating. The chromate coating will provide protection against tarnish and corrosion while providing an excellent base for organic and paint films.

Pasivar Gold


PASIVAR ZnTB is a liquid passivator based on trivalent chrome. PASIVAR ZnTB is designed to passivate electroplated zinc. The clear blue passivation film provides corrosion protection to zinc surfaces preventing white rust.

Pasivar ZnTB


PRELUDE ASC is a water soluble acidic powder which contains a mixture of acid salts, activators and surface-active agents. PRELUDE ASC can be used as an activating acid prior to electroplating on steel, brass, copper and zinc base die-castings. PRELUDE ASC can also be used as a pickle to remove rust, scale, oxides and brazing residues from steel.

Prelude ASC


PRELUDE DRC is an alkaline cleaner which can be used as an electrolytic cleaner/ decarboniser to remove rust and light scale occurring from processes such as annealing, hardening, or welding process from cast iron and steel.

Prelude DRC


PRELUDE S/EC is an alkaline cleaner which can be used as a soak cleaner or electrolytic cathodic/anodic cleaner and activator of steel and nonferrous metals. PRELUDE S/EC rapidly removes oil, greases, rust, and soil particles from metal components.

Prelude S/EC


PRELUDE SC is an alkaline soak cleaner. PRELUDE SC rapidly removes oil, greases, rust, and soil particles from metal components.

Prelude SC


PRELUE SNC is a mixture of water-soluble acidic salts designed to chemically polish and brighten zinc plate. PRELUDE SNC can also be used to activate zinc plated parts prior to a passivate.

Prelude SNC


PRELUDE ZBC is an alkaline cleaner designed for anodic and cathodic cleaning of zinc based die-castings. PRELUDE ZBC is inhibited to protect the zinc die from attack.

Prelude ZBC


SURTEC 688 can be used in rack or barrel application. It contains chromium(III) and cobalt and is usable for make-up and maintenance.

SurTec 688


SURTEC 690E is used for rack application. (For barrel application, the black passivation process SURTEC 691 is recommended.)

SurTec 690E


The process SURTEC 704 (Electrolyte based on Sodium) includes the following products:

  • SurTec 700 EN Sodium Zincate Electrolyte, 3x Concentrate provides zinc and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) for the bath make-up; it guarantees a good and proofed salt quality, a reliable maintaining of the initial desired values, as well as a fast and safe make-up without formation of irritating and dangerous highly alkaline aerosols.
  • SurTec 704 I Carrier is responsible for the very good metal distribution.
  • SurTec 704 II Brightener effectuates the desired brightness to the layer.
  • SurTec 700 RN Conditioner avoids optical influences on the layer caused by water hardness or impurities in the alkaline bath solution.


SurTec 704


SURTEC 753 is usable for rack or barrel application. The process includes the following products:

  • SurTec 753 I Carrier is responsible for the equal metal distribution and is the basis for the Brightener additive
  • SurTec 753 II Brightener brings the desired gloss level to the layer


SurTec 753