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PVC Plastisol-Austrasol Range

PVC Plastisol-Austrasol Range

Our extensive range of industrial plastisols for precision moulding can be used to achieve specified wall thickness and strengths.  We can formulate products to accommodate the most intricate of moulding requirements.

We offer a range of Tye coats and adhesive plastisols to provide excellent adhesive bonding for spread coatings on difficult substrates i.e. polyester monofilament fabrics.  These can also be used to

produce tacky surfaces for inclined conveyors, bonding metal end caps to plastics or other materials and in the manufacture of oil filters by bonding two parts of outer casing together.

Our sealing plastisols are used in closures and caps, forming plastic sealing gaskets for jars, bottles & cans, for food and beverage containers used in traditional hot filled and pasteurized products.

To provide both environmental protection and improved appearance on metal, we have developed a range of sprayable plastisols for use as a surface coating as an alternative to other stoving finishes, e.g. epoxy or nylon coatings.

We currently produce plastisol for many purposes, including carpet backing, dipping play ground decks, oil and air filter adhesion, as well as conveyor belting (food grade or otherwise).

Current ranges include food grade and phthalate free plastisol.