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Surtec 350 is an innovative cold seal for aluminium anodising, with the benefit of being nickel free. Combing with a hot seal/rinse the issues of crazing (micro cracking) are eliminated at 1/3rd of the standard sealing times.

Removing nickel from the process offers obvious effluent benefits along with the OH&S health advantages. ST 350 also offers improved corrosion resistance over the nickel based cold seals, allowing it to meet and exceed the volume specs for alkaline resistance.

Without any negative impact on crazing and reducing the rolling boil times from 3 to less than 1 min/micron another big advantage is reducing the bottlenecks that invariably occur due to standard seal times at the end of the anodising process. By having these reduced times massive energy savings will be achieved as the need to keep multiple tanks at a rolling boil is eliminated.

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