Australian Chemicals & Coatings

Introducing ALUGOLD SCR, new to SurTec from the Italtechno range. ALUGOLD SCR is a Qualicoat approved non chrome with colour! As seen above.

ALUGOLD SCR is a coloured chrome-free liquid process, based on a perfect balance of inorganic acid salts. In contact with aluminium it reacts to form a coloured passivation layer of metallic complexes particularly suitable for aluminium treatment before powder coating. The product is chrome-free. ALUGOLD SCR may be applied by spray, cascade or dipping.

Australian Chemicals & Coatings are now able to offer to the Australian and New Zealand market a product that has the health benefits of non chrome with the visual benefits of chrome 6.

With SurTec’s acquisition of Italtechno we are now able to combine Italtechno’s aluminium expertise with SurTec’s facilitlies and Australian Chemicals & Coatings local support.

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