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Using a Closed Loop DI system? Reduce the load on it and dramatically improve time between regenerations with SurTec 650, up to 3 x the run time between regenerations. Along with its bare metal protection benefits it has the longest bath life of any chrome 6 free product on the Australian market, and does not require a bleed.

Chrome 6 is an oxidising anion. The resins in these systems suffer from reduce lifespan in the presences of oxidisers making resin replace (very high cost) more frequent. SurTec 650 does not contain oxidisers or anions means extended lifespan of resin and reduced load on resins.

Remove carcinogenic chrome 6 from your plant whilst improving costs on bath life, consumption, regeneration/waste treatment costs. All this and maintain comparable performance to chrome 6 with an easier to use, non DG, product.

All of the above adds up to large cost savings, short term and long term.

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