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The de-smutting process on an aluminium anodising line is the act of removing excess alloyed metals from the surface of aluminium after etching or brightening. It is required in the anodising process after caustic etching or acid bright dipping. After these etching processes, the surface of the aluminium looks cloudy which is commonly called smut, hence the process step: de-smutting.

AUSCHEM’s proprietary products developed for de-smutting are: Desmut XF & Desmut AW (new improved formula)

Desmut AW characteristics:

  • Used at ambient temperature
  • Excellent performance when used for matt caustic etching or acid brightening
  • Shortened processing time
  • Excellent performance on alloys used in bright dipping
  • Contains iron salts rather than fluoride, thus avoiding fluoride ions being dragged into the anodising tanks circumventing any chance of pitting.

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