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Chrome-free is becoming the industry standard for the pre-treatment of Aluminium prior to powder coating in the architectural industry. Titanium- and Zirconium-based systems have successfully replaced Chrome(VI) in the majority of the world, but compared to Chrome(VI)-systems, Chrome-free systems are invisible, they have much tighter operation windows and they are quickly moving towards borderline performance in respect to filiform corrosion and paint adhesion, especially in case of ageing or contamination of the bath.

SurTec 643 combines SurTec’s long-term experience in running and operating Chrome-free technologies in regions like France, Middle East or North Africa with the well-founded understanding of our technical community to improve specific characteristics of metal pre-treatment processes. The result is a product, which uses the traditional skeleton of Zirconium and Polymer, but the choice of a brand new polymer in combination with the optimal Zirconium ingredients leads to an innovative and unique product. The coating can comfortably be controlled via the bath and easily measured in the coating. In addition, it shows a significantly improved performance in respect to filiform corrosion and paint adhesion, especially when it comes to contamination and ageing effects. On top, the uniformity of the coating weight along a profile, especially in vertical lines, could be optimized.

To cut it short: SurTec 643 brings comfort and safety to Aluminium coaters to run and control a Chrome-free process.

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As acid etching remains Australia’s most common pre-powdercoating surface preparation for aluminium finishers, it is important that the most up to date and efficient chemistry developments are a high priority. For volume applicators, Australian Chemicals & Coatings has developed our Alumbrite 21 Series acid etching for extruded, honed and sheet aluminium alloys.

Alumibrite 21 Series comes in various forms specific to requirements for dip tanks, horizontal spray lines and vertical lines. All products in the series have the benefits of much lower consumption than traditional chemistry, reduced operating strength, reduced load on rinse tanks (especially important for closed loop DI systems), reduced risk of chromate poisoning, inhibitors to protect stainless steel tanks and baskets and aluminium precipitation aid to reduce load on waste treatment. Alumibrite 21 Series is specifically designed for optimum probe dosing.

In summary: Alumibrite 21 Series brings efficiency from all angles and is a worthwhile consideration for your plant.

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