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SurTec 645

SurTec 645 replaces nickel dye pre-seals, effectively reducing bleed without the need for nickel salts. BENEFITS Nickel free Reduced dip time Reduced bath temp This new technology has been developed with mobile phone companies for the safety of their consumers. please contact us at for further information.

SurTec 350

Surtec 350 is an innovative cold seal for aluminium anodising, with the benefit of being nickel free. Combing with a hot seal/rinse the issues of crazing (micro cracking) are eliminated at 1/3rd of the standard sealing times. Removing nickel from the process offers obvious effluent benefits along with the OH&S health advantages. ST 350 also […]


The de-smutting process on an aluminium anodising line is the act of removing excess alloyed metals from the surface of aluminium after etching or brightening. It is required in the anodising process after caustic etching or acid bright dipping. After these etching processes, the surface of the aluminium looks cloudy which is commonly called smut, […]